Chapter 6. Backup Validation

You can validate your backup after creation with some simple checks.

Table 6.1. Available checks:

SizeMinChecks if your backup is at least as big as the configured size.
SizeDiffPreviousPercentChecks if your backup differs more than a configured value from the previous backup.

Minimal size

Example 6.1: SizeMin XML example

<!-- check min size -->
<check type="SizeMin" value="30M"/>

Example 6.2: SizeMin JSON example

{"type": "SizeMin", "value": "30M"}

Compare to previous Backups

Example 6.3: SizeDiffPreviousPercent XML example

<!-- check size against previous backups -->
<check type="SizeDiffPreviousPercent" value="10"/>

Example 6.4: SizeDiffPreviousPercent JSON example

{"type": "SizeDiffPreviousPercent", "value": 10}

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